Alberto Bustillos
Mexico-Tenochtitlan, 1973.

My work is inspired by the complexity of the human condition. We are social systems, each and every one of us and everyone together. There are no invisible lines, no mysterious ethereal networks; it's all in our mind, in our body... It is our mind that connects us at all levels; our mind, that bit of our existence.

Consciousness emerges from the complexity of our own nature and vice versa - an eternal continuum. We live our lives surrounded by each other; that is our natural condition. We recognize our nature in each other and we invent rules to synchronize ourselves, to imagine the world together, to shape each other. The fiction of the clock emerges from our natural need to organize, from the inherent desire to locate ourselves in the world, in time and space.

Art synchronizes us. Art creates organization through the implicit synchronization of emotions. We simply find ourselves in each other; it's only a matter of time. Art brings us together and we share the aesthetic experience. So much happens outside of our awareness, beyond the reach of our own will. A part of me exists inside of me and a part of me exists inside of others. I have no control over how far I will go on existing in others. I cannot decide entirely what I am a part of, because being human is not something I can do alone. There is no me without you being there to know it and there is no you without me being there to know it. "You" and "I" and "We" are social concepts; ideas, perspectives. And it is ideas and perspectives that keep us together, wondering what it is exactly that we are doing here... We are the story that we tell. Art is our story; the part of the story that cannot be told with words.